Strong words.

LifeStrength’s very satisfied patients discuss the practice’s sound mind/sound body approach to recovery and wellness.


Multiple disc injuries with long-term chronic pain, resulting from auto accident

“I have a long-term injury and … my goal has been to take as little pain medication as possible, to keep very active and fit, to be able to continue my professional career, and to not let this injury change my life too much. Because I come here twice a week and Dr. Lisa treats me, I’m able to keep that pain medication at lower levels, which is very good, because I have to be sharp at my job. Dr. Lisa is excellent … she knows a lot about me and I’m very satisfied.”


Chronic back pain, radiating into legs

“Lisa has been the hero who gets me through all the chronic conditions I have. I’ve been coming to see Dr. Lisa for over five years now. I find unlike other physical therapist offices, this is a warm, welcoming and friendly facility. The staff is always willing to listen to any concerns I have about how I’m feeling … it’s a very supportive atmosphere, which makes me feel confident. They listen to your problems and concerns and really fine-tune into your conditions or rehabilitation needs. They’re very committed to their patients.”


Permanent neck and back injuries from work-related fall

“From the fall, it was neck and lower back injuries. Since then, I’ve had issues with arthritis, bone spurs … one thing affects another. It’s been a combination of injuries and aging. The biggest goal is to be able to maintain my independence, to be able to do whatever I need to do for myself. (LifeStrength) has helped me maintain my flexibility. And most of all, it’s helped me to maintain my independence. I’m able to take care of myself, and that’s extremely important to me. The staff has been nothing but welcoming and very supportive, and they’ve helped me with my insurance, which has been  difficult at times. I would recommend LifeStrength without hesitation.”


Hernias and slipped discs in neck, causing headaches and confusion

“I was in agony. I had no idea what was causing the pain. I’d gone to a lot of different doctors and physical therapists and nobody explained anything to me. So there was fear, and I couldn’t work. I found myself very depressed because of my pain. I didn’t know where to turn. Dr. Lisa is the first person who actually listened to my complaints and explained things to me. She didn’t rush me through anything. Just her explanations and taking time out meant more to me than anything. Now I’m working, I’m not angry anymore and I’m able to take care of my family and go back to my lifestyle. I’m able to go out with friends and do things I had stopped doing.”


Lifelong rheumatoid arthritis, recovery from two knee replacements and two hip replacements

“One of my friends who had been coming here recommended it, and now I’ve been coming here for a number of years. The office staff is wonderful — they’re very flexible and very nice about changing appointments if you have to. And I’ve worked with most of the physical therapists here … they’re all extremely well trained. They all have magic hands. I’ve been going to physical therapy since I was 8 years old, and if they weren’t the best I wouldn’t be here. Being independent is very valuable … and I think if I wasn’t coming here, I wouldn’t have been able to be as independent as I have been. They get rid of pain.”


Herniated disc in lower back, recovering from shoulder surgery

“Dr. Lisa was recommended to me by my father. He had two knee replacements and she helped him thoroughly. As a result, I come with any ailment I’ve had and Lisa has always put me back together. I’m a track worker for the Long Island Rail Road and I can’t take off too many days, so she patched me up … in the condition I was in, I felt I’d never be able to come back. I can’t even count the number of times Dr. Lisa has helped me. It’s affected everything, as far as just getting up in the morning. Without being seen by Dr. Lisa, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the daily activities I’m used to, whether it’s athletic or work.”


Excessive foot pain for high school track star

“My podiatrist recommended this facility to me. Dr. Lisa has really helped me a lot. Since I started here, I’ve been noticing a decrease in my pain. I’m able to walk and even run again. Dr. Lisa has been an amazing physical therapist … and the staff here has really been amazing. When you walk in, they greet you by name. That really shows that they care a lot about you. I would recommend them to anyone.”